Clamp Holder | Ellen Wille


This Clamp Holder is designed to keep a polyhead or mannequin blockhead in position. It is great when you are blow-drying or styling your wig as it enables you to use both hands. The clamp can be easily attached to a table and the mannequin head placed on top.

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A Clamp Holder is an essential piece of equipment if you have a human hair or heat resistant synthetic wig. The reason is, you need to blowdry and style these wigs after washing which can be a difficult task if your polyhead or mannequin head keeps moving.

This Clamp Holder is designed to attach to the side of a table or desk, it can be removed without causing damage and can be moved to different locations without any effort. A Clamp Holder will also ensure that your polyhead will not fall with the weight of your wig.

Simply tighten the Clamp Holder to your dressing table, place your polyhead on top and then pop on your wig. The polyheads that we stock have a hole in the base for you to insert the clamp.


  • Place your Clamp Holder & Polyhead on the side of your dressing table for daily use
  • When washing your wig, move the Clamp Holder to the sink
  • The clamp can be easily removed and transported
  • Tilt the angle of the holder to get a better view and hold of the wig during styling
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