Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband | Daxbourne


This Deluxe Softouch Grip headband evenly distributes the weight of your wig and helps reduce slippage. It is gel-filled to provide a cool, cushioned feel and prevents wig pressure. It is custom fit with a Velcro adjuster to fit head circumference 18.5” – 24”.

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These gel-filled headbands are fantastic for gripping your wig to your head and stopping it from slipping. The headband naturally clings to your scalp without the need for adhesive. It can also be worn if hair begins to regrow, at this stage, it is common to feel wig slippage which the headband will prevent.

The headband is made of hypoallergenic material making it ideal for sensitive skin. The headband can also be easily cleaned and will not absorb sweat or scalp oils.

The cool gel provides a soothing feeling on the scalp, if you experience head swelling or sensitivity it can help reduce discomfort and alleviate pressure points your wig may be sitting on. The headband can be easily applied, simply wrap the Delux Softouch Grip around your hairline and fix it to size using the velcro adjuster. Never wear the headband too tight.


  • To clean, simply wipe the headband using a damp cloth
  • In warm weather keep it in the fridge before wear so it will gently cool your scalp
  • Wear the dotted side against your scalp when hair regrows
  • Wear the smooth side against your scalp when no hair is present
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