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everything you need to know about WIG HAIR TYPES

Discover all the wig hair types we have. Roches has wigs, hairpieces and hair systems for men, women, and children, whether your hair loss is short or long-term, partial, or all-over – and even if you do not know yet.

Check out our hair type comparison table to choose the most suitable replacement hair type for you.

Learn more about each wig hair type:

Synthetic Fibre Wigs

All fibre is not equal! Our wigs are made from Japanese fibre which is the best quality fibre available. Each fibre is as thin as a real hair, or even thinner due to advanced technology! This is why synthetic wigs look so realistic, although the downside is that longer fibre wigs can get frizzy.

Synthetic wigs are low maintenance, wash and go, and will hold their style even after washing.

They are also available in a huge range of styles and colours and colours that will not fade. They are extremely good value. Their main disadvantage is that they cannot be restyled using heat.

Roches recommend Synthetic Fibre Wigs if you want a low maintenance, no-fade colour, cost-effective hair replacement solution.

Clean and care for your synthetic hair wig with our synthetic hair care products.

Heat Friendly / Heat Resistant Wigs

Heat friendly fibre or heat resistant fibre wigs are made with a special type of synthetic fibre that can take heat from dryers and other styling tools.

They hold their style when washed, plus you can change the style using medium heat.

These wigs are a great combination of low maintenance and versatile styling. While they do frizz when long, the frizz can be blow dried out.

Excellent choice for short and long hair styles.

Roches recommend Heat Friendly Wigs if you want a low maintenance, no-fade colour, cost-effective hair replacement solution.

Clean and care for your Heat Friendly Wigs with our care products.

Mixed Fibre Hair

Mixed fibre wigs contain a percentage of heat resistant fibre and a percentage of human hair.

Combining the best of both worlds, you get movement and shine from human hair with the fixing power of heat friendly fibre. So, you have low maintenance hair with natural movement, all rolled into one.

These wigs are the high end of wigs and tend to have the best base constructions and lace fronts.

You can see why they are our favourites!

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair is the most extensive type of wig hair. It feels natural and has the advantage of great movement.

Human hair wigs can be cut and styled just like your own hair, so the possibilities for different looks are endless.

There are different qualities of human hair; Indian, Chinese, European, and Remy, which is a mix of Indian and Chinese. 

Asian hair has generally been bleached and dyed to achieve colours other than black. European hair is more expensive as it has not been bleached or coloured.

A note of caution though, because Indian and Chinese hair have been through a few chemical processes, we would advise the use of low to medium heat levels on styling tools and high-quality washing and styling products are a must.

Roches recommend Human Hair Wigs if you enjoy washing and styling hair, and if you want most natural movement.

Clean and care for your synthetic hair wig with our human hair care products.

Check out our comparison table with pros and cons of each wig hair type  to choose the most suitable replacement hair type for you or read our wig buyers guide to learn more.

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