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New to Wigs? First Time Wig Buyers Guide is for you.

If this is your first time buying a wig, follow these wig buyers guide to help you find the perfect wig for you, and to start looking and feeling your most confident. What are you waiting for?!

  • Measure your head

Measure the circumference of your head along your hairline. There are other head measurements used when making a wig, but for the purposes of wig brands, we use circumference.

The average size head is 54-56cm. If you fit into this measurement, then get browsing as most wigs will fit you. If your head measures less than 53cm or more than 56cm, you may need to look in the petite or large wigs section. (Note it is possible to resize wigs up to 2cm, contact us to have your wig resized).

Size details are included in our product descriptions. Need help? no problem, just contact us for expert advice but we strongly recommend reading the full wig buyers guide first.

  • Consider the density of your own hair

If you are looking to mimic your own hair, then density is a real give away. While you can change your style and your colour, you cannot change the density of your hair.
If you have fine hair, then you need a fine wig – unless you decide to use this opportunity to have fuller hair.
Collections such as Ellen Wille’s Hair Society are specially made with the finest density to truly mimic your own hair. On the other hand, wigs in Ellen Wille’s Perucci collection tend to be fuller, as they are wefted.
Finer wigs are usually more expensive as they use monofilament, lace and hand tying processes to deliver the finest result possible.
Use the density filter to help you shop. If in doubt about your own density, just send us a picture and we can advise you.

  • Choose your preferred style

If you want to replicate your own hair, then you will most likely want to browse by colour, style and density filters to narrow your selection.
Remember that wigs can be cut and we can do it for you.

  • Low maintenance or styling options?

Synthetic wigs typically come ready to wear and are extremely low maintenance. Even after a shampoo bath, simply air dry and they return to their original style with no effort from you. So if you want a ready to go, low maintenance style, choose synthetic hair fibre.
If you enjoy styling your hair into a variety of looks, using dryers, straighteners and curling tongs, you might consider a Human Hair Wig. They look fabulous but do require effort.
Somewhere in between? Try our heat-friendly wigs. Whether 100% heat resistant fibre or a blend of human and heat friendly fibre, these wigs can be styled or left to air dry. Styling is required on every 3rd wash. We can do it for you, Book here Heat friendly wigs are also recommended if you like to wear your long hair down around your shoulders, as frizz can be blow-dried out.

See “Wig Hair Types Explained” if want to learn about them and the pros and cons of each wig hair type available.

  • Love colour choices and highlights?

Most brands have a mix of colours in their wigs because this makes wigs look more natural. Our hair is not one uniform colour, even it appears to be!
Gisela Mayer wigs can be very good for ash and monotone colours, while Trendco and Ellen Wille have beautiful mixes of highlights and lowlights.
There are so many natural shades of red and grey. They can be the hardest colours to match, so check out our red and grey filters to help you.

  • How important is comfort to you?

If comfort is very important to you, then look out for cap construction types. See “Cap Constructions Explained“.

  • Do brands matter?

We have selected a range of top-selling collections from international brands to give you an excellent range in colour, style, density and texture.
If at any point along the way you are overwhelmed, pick up the phone, email us or you can book an online wig consultation where we can guide you towards the best wigs for you. 

Ready to buy your wig? Browse all wigs or shop now for synthetic fibre hair wigs, heat friendly hair wigs or human hair wigs.

  • Need Extra Help from Roches after reading the Wig Buyers Guide?

Not sure which wig is right for you? Book a no-obligation online consultation with one of our trained and expert wig fitters. (When you book, we will send you information to get the most out of your consultation).

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