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Domenica and Samantha are not only qualified and experienced breast care fitters who love helping women, for instance they were also mastectomy patients who find themselves in the same position you are in over 10 years ago.

Domenica had her mastectomy in 2005. Her experience of being fitted for bras and prosthesis after hospital was very disappointing and she jumped at the opportunity to design her ideal breast care service in Roches.



We understand that each and every mastectomy patient has their own specific requirements. Your breast form is designed to mimic your natural breast and they do. Made from materials that resemble the movement, feel and weight of your natural breast. They come in different shapes, sizes, profiles and colours that feel soft and smooth to the touch.

Everyone’s shape and surgery is different. Carrying a wide range of breast forms from many different suppliers ensures that we have the right shape for you.

We are constantly updating our ranges with your comfort and confidence in mind and trial everything on ourselves first.


We really believe that looking good and feeling good are an integral part of the healing process so we stock everything a woman could need to feel comfortable, confident and feminine  again.  

Choice is key in our opinion, so we bring you a huge selection of lingerie that is both comfortable and gorgeous to wear. All shapes and sizes are catered for in every imaginable style. From soft, comfy front opening bras for right after your surgery to under-wired. Multi-way and even strapless mastectomy bras for when its time to wear that little black number again. We’re with you all the way and look forward to restoring your confidence and shape. 

mastectomy patients


Just because you’ve had a mastectomy, doesn’t mean you have to cover up and never enjoy the beach again! Having such a drastic change to your body like a mastectomy can leave you feeling a little pool shy.

Many women feel they can’t wear the same clothes they once did before treatment and surgery. Maybe certain tops or dresses make them feel exposed as they want to hide scars and shapes, so they just don’t wear them.

There are many swimwear options for women who wear a breast form. There are also special swimming breast forms available to insert into the swimsuits. Scars can be hidden using certain styles of swimwear cover ups so you don’t have to be reminded or feel self conscious, and you’ll be ready to swim again!


After surgery we understand that you may feel tender, sensitive or self-conscious. The right bra, fitted by our trained team, will help you feel like yourself again, restoring your femininity and confidence.

Buying a bra that fits well and makes you feel good is an important part of being a woman. A well fitted bra can make all the difference to your appearance, your posture and your clothes.

This is especially true after breast surgery. A bra that fits close to your chest wall between the cups with enough depth of material between the cups to cover the breast form will allow you the confidence to move as much as you want and dress as you did before. Sounds very technical and it is, but that doesn’t mean it needs to look technical. Post Surgery Bras are an engineering feat but thankfully finished by dress designers.

Approximately 6-8 weeks after your surgery, you are ready to move from the soft shape you received following surgery to a more long term breast form that matches your natural breast perfectly.

We can fit you in our private consultation rooms in Kimmage. We are available for appointments Monday to Friday and can schedule an appointment to suit you best. Our fully trained expert fitters will measure and assist you in choosing breast forms, bras, lingerie and swimwear from our collections. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member along for support.

A Mastectomy Bra has a specially designed pocket in the cup to hold the breast form. We stock a large variety of styles of bras in all shapes and sizes. Our Breast Care Team source our bras from a variety of the best international lingerie specialists to include seam free, front opening, cotton, bamboo, feminine, sexy, comfortable, low line, t-shirt, sports, multi-way, under-wired and non-under-wired that mimic under-wired styles in the shape and support they provide.

For ladies who prefer to use a standard bra, our team at Roches Breast Care are happy to offer a pocketing service.

Roches don’t ever let a person go without a wig or prosthesis due to finance or HSE delays. There is always a way. Below are a few of our options …

We give out hair loss and mastectomy products once patients have a valid medical card. We do not require patients to wait the 2-9 months untill the HSE pay us.

Payment plans: we are happy to offer payment plans over a 6 month period to private patients or those medical card holders paying a balance.

Also, we offer discounts for those struggling financially and do our best to source less expensive options for them.
We link in with the Marie Keating Comfort Fund, Various Hospital Social Work Departments, Irish Cancer Society, local Cancer Support Groups and The Little Princess Trust for children and We also have our very own Hardship Fund at Roches to support those struggling financially.

We regularly advocate to the HSE offices on behalf of individual patients and in general.

When patients cannot come to  Kimmage, we can fit them in Hospital or at Home where possible.

In order to do a good fitting off site, we require photos of the patients hair and a good detailed description of their hair.

Patients can fill in this Patient outcall form which can be emailed back to us or fill in this patient contact form and we will ring the patient directly ourselves and arrange a suitable time to visit.

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