Cap Constructions Explained

everything you need to know about cap constructions

Cap Constructions refers to the cap of a hair replacement solution that sits directly on your head. 

Caps come in 4 different construction formats, which are explained below:

Machine Wefted Wigs

Wefted wigs are the most basic and least expensive type of wig base. Hair (synthetic, human or heat-friendly) is sewn by machine on to wefts, which are in turn attached to fabric tapes. 

The weft adapts well to the shape of the head and can stretch up to 1.5cm to fit a larger head. Wefted wigs are easy to style and allow air to circulate the scalp.

They often have volume and lift at the root due to their construction and are great for medium to full density wearers.

Hand Tied Wigs

Hand tied wigs are softer on the scalp and so are more comfortable than wefted wigs. This is because each hair (synthetic, human or heat-friendly) is individually knotted into a mesh cap. The mesh cap is fine and soft for maximum comfort and appears invisible when placed against the skin

Hand tied wigs also offer a snug fit for those who do not want too much lift and volume and are ideal for those with lower density hair.

Because the hairs are knotted individually by hand rather than a machine, there are no seams or wefts, making them the ultimate in comfort and quality.

For these reasons, hand tied wigs are more expensive than wefted wigs, but the result is a very natural looking lighter weight wig, with hair that can move freely, and has flexibility in terms of brushing and shaping.

Monofilament Wigs 

Monofilament is a type of base made from a fine, sheer, see-through material, into which the hair is knotted. Usually, on the top, crown or parting, where your scalp is visible on your head.

This base allows your own scalp to show through, so it looks like the wig hair is growing from your own scalp. Undetectable.

A full monofilament top covers the entire top of your head, meaning you can change your parting and still see your scalp through the base. If you have a fixed parting or no parting, save on cost with a mono crown or mono parting.

If you have high scalp sensitivity, consider a double monofilament wig. These are even softer and smoother against the scalp since the second layer is stitched smooth side to the scalp.

The lightweight material used in monofilament wigs provides a softer feel and cool comfort for daily wig wearers. They tend to be finer in density and so sit snugly to your scalp.

Monofilament wigs are available in all hair types. 

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs create a natural-looking hairline. If you like to wear your hair off your face without worrying about your wig blowing back in the wind, then lace front is for you. 

A transparent piece of fine lace extends from the front of your wig and sits (invisibly to the eye) on your forehead, so there is no gap between where your wig ends, and your forehead begins. This means you can wear your wig off your face without seeing the edge line of the wig. 

Lace fronts are great for those who do not want to wear a fringe or who have receding hairlines, or for short styles with a spiked front.

Extended lace front means the lace extends along the front of the wig, down along the temples to the side of the head. This means the hair can be softly worn off the face at the front and the sides

*Note some wigs have a combination of different cap styles. 

Roches Tip 

We think loving your wig is more important than the jargon and there are always workarounds.

So, if you love a wefted wig, but don’t like the feel of it on your scalp, why not buy a wig cap bamboo that will add to the comfort of your wefted wig?

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