Government Allowances
Hair Loss & Breast Care

Irish Government (HSE Wig Allowance & Breast Care Allowance)

For Irish customers, we will take care of processing your medical card allowance (HSE wig & breastcare allowance). We have been doing this for clients for years, so you do not have to worry about anything.

If you have applied for a medical card and are waiting for it to arrive, we are happy to hold your wig until it arrives. Alternatively, you can purchase your wig and we refund you the amount following HSE wig allowance approval and following our application upon arrival of your new card. The choice is yours.

If you prefer to apply yourself to the HSE, we will furnish you with an estimate which you take to your area health centre.

Overseas Customers

Please check with your local government health office (or private insurance company) to confirm any allowances or reimbursements from Roches, based in Ireland.

We are very happy to assist you or your insurance provider, or any other third party, to process your request for an allowance or a claim. We are a registered company and a recognised medical supply company.


  • I have an Instore Appointment with Roches

If you have an in-store consultation with Roches, please bring your prescription and a valid medical card with you or fill in the form we send to you upon booking your appointment. 

  • I have an Online Appointment with Roches

If you have an online consultation, you or your doctor can email with your prescription and a copy of a valid medical card. 

  • Returning Customers

We ask returning customers to please send your prescription and card details in advance of your appointment. Do not worry, we will send you a reminder, so you do not miss out on your allowance. 

Need Your Wig or Hair Replacement System in a Hurry?

We understand that hair loss may not adhere to this time frame, so we are happy to provide wigs and breast care first fit products if needed sooner than HSE wig allowance approval and payment arrive. In this event, all we need to proceed from you is a valid medical card and prescription. 

HSE Wig & Breast Care Allowance Approvals and Reimbursement (Ireland only)

Following your consultation with Roches, we apply to the HSE for approval on your behalf, with approval typically granted within 2 weeks. Following approval, the HSE pays Roches on your behalf.

My Chosen Product is More Expensive Than My Allowance

If your chosen wig or breast care product is priced higher than your allowance, simply pay the difference to us directly.

Wig Prescriptions 

Ask your GP or medical professional to write a prescription for a wig, for medical hair loss due to alopecia or cancer treatment. 

Feel free to use our wig prescription template so your doctor can just tick, however it is essential that they use their headed paper when printing or saving the template in order for it to be valid.

Breast Care Prescription

If you have had breast surgery of any kind, you are entitled to an allowance towards your first permanent breast prosthesis (or 2 in the case of bilateral surgery) and two post surgery bras, irrespective of medical card status. 

This is available to every woman in the country; however, allowances vary considerably from county to county. We can advise you on your exact allowances. Please note an allowance is available to all non-medical card holders for their first fit only. 

Therefore, due to extensive variations in allowances, we recommend two actions to ensure your breast care allowance application is smoothly processed:

  1. Please ask your doctor to tick every box in our breast care prescription template. We have designed this template, so every possible product is listed, in order to maximise your allowance and to expedite the approvals process. Failure to do so might result in rejection of your allowance application. 
  2. The prescription must be printed on the doctor’s headed paper to be valid.

Please bring the completed and signed prescription to your Roches consultation, or post it to Roches, 153 Lower Kimmage Road, Dublin 6W or email it to

Roches has been actively campaigning for standardisation of allowances for many years, to make life easier for our clients. This includes a meeting with the HSE and Dept of Health in 2017. We will keep you up to date of any developments in this area.