We have over 1000 wigs and hairpieces along with lots of hats for hair loss and under-hat-hair,

We start by bringing the patient and their friends/family to our private fitting rooms where we welcome and settle them in. First thing its to find out is when their treatment is starting and what they are looking for.  Most patients want to look like themselves so while they are describing their hair and what they do with it, we are also taking a good look at their hair too.  We very often match the persons here with the first wig but we always insist on trying on a few more.

While we have wigs on display, we find that most people are quite overwhelmed with the thoughts of losing their hair and have no clue how to select a wig.  You cannot choose a wig from a picture or a mannequin, you must try it on your own head.  We  select wigs based on what they’ve told us during the  consultation.  We talk them through the pros and cons of each wig in terms of hair type and cap construction but really the wig they feel and look most comfortable usually presents itself.  We narrow down options and spend as much time as needed till the patient is sure.  Sometimes a wig needs to be ordered.  sometimes patients want to bring other family members before making their final decision.  sometimes people take photos of the wigs and bring them home to review with friends and families.  ITs quite an interactive process.

When the wig is selected, we cut and style it if necessary and explain both how put the wig on correctly and how to care for the wig.

We also discuss options for bed and give some advice on eyebrows.  Once the wig is salected, we often discuss what they will do when the hair starts falling and we offer to cut or shave them free of charge.  Many take us up on this offer, while others have already made arrangements.

It is a very interactive session and we try to answer any questions and allay their fears.  Conversation will often veer to the hair regrowth phase, how long it takes and when can hair be coloured.  We  discuss allowances and advise if patients are entitled to any funding.

Most clients leave happy and relieved.

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