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Allowances vary across the Country from €440-€767. We can advise patients on their exact allowances. Every patient with a valid medical card is entitled to their particular allowance every 12 months.

The patient needs:

1. A valid medical card number and expiry date.

2. A letter or prescription stating that the patient is experiencing medical hair loss and requires a wig or hair piece. This letter must be written on a prescription pad or headed paper and signed by a medical professional. Click here to access prescription template (sample wig script)

The patient needs to bring the above items to their fitting. We then apply to the correct HSE area on their behalf and they leave with their hair replacement option. No balance is required on fibre wigs, but human or heat resistant wigs will require a balance of anything from €50-€350 depending on the length of hair , the wig cap construction chosen and the patient’s HSE allowance.

If a patient cannot afford the balance, we are happy to offer payment plans over a 6 month period.

If a patient is waiting on their medical card, we can hold the wig until their medical card is approved. However, if as often happens, a patient needs the wig before their medical card is approved, then we accept payment for the wig and refund the amount paid once HSE approval is received.

NOTE: We don’t ever let a person go without a wig due to finance or HSE delays. We have our own fund here at Roches for those struggling financially so we always find a way to get the patient their wig when they need it.

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