Some people choose not to wear wigs and that is great once it’s based on the patients own experience rather than another persons experience. Wigs are amazing these days and look and feel so natural. There are also many options to make wigs more comfortable to wear.

We recommend that all patients have a wig consultation so that they can assess the wigs for themselves. No strings attached – our ethos is not to push at all.  At least the patient sees their options and knows what’s on offer and make the best decision for them. At the very least, patients will learn about what to expect with hair loss and hair regrowth, as we will cover scalp care during treatment and safe timing and products to use colouring hair after treatment along with options for brows, lashes and nail care in their appointment.

Most patients feel relief after visiting us and get a sense that they can get through this hair loss business with their dignity and confidence intact. So many patients drop in to us for hats and explain they were told wigs are hot or itchy or that other patients didn’t wear their wigs.

Unfortunately these patients  may not have been fitted with the right  size or type of wig and wig cap, or given the right advice on reducing scalp heat or irritation. There are solutions  to all these problems and we’ve seen them all after 30 + years in this industry.… More often than not, patients who come to us convinced that wigs look awful or feel uncomfortable are pleasantly  surprised with how good they look and feel.

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