Synthetic Hair Shampoo | 200ml | Ellen Wille


Synthetic Hair Shampoo is used to ensure your synthetic wig remains looking fresh and natural wash after wash. The formulation of this shampoo has been specifically formulated for use on synthetic hair wigs.

Size: 200ml

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This Synthetic Hair Shampoo Ellen Wille has formulated for regular use, once or twice a week on your synthetic hair wig. How regularly you wash your wig will depend on how often you wear it, if worn daily a good guideline is to wash it once or twice a week.

When washing your synthetic hair wig you should use the synthetic hair shampoo Ellen Wille has created. You will use a hair bath method and avoid wringing or rubbing the hair, otherwise, you will be left with tangled hair.

You will need a large bowl or basin, lukewarm water, a towel and your synthetic hair shampoo Ellen Wille recommends. This synthetic hair shampoo Ellen Wille advises is self-cleaning, meaning you turn your wig inside out and leave to soak in the water bath mixture for 10 minutes.


  • Do not rub or wring your synthetic hair wig when wet
  • Allow the shampoo Ellen Wille formulated to work itself
  • For best results follow with synthetic hair balm and conditioner, see synthetic hair care products
  • Allow it to dry naturally, do not apply heat to synthetic hair
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