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A Heartfelt Gift for Your Loved One on Their Cancer Journey

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a dear friend or family member who is bravely facing cancer? Look no further! Roches is here to offer you a thoughtful solution that speaks volumes of your love and support.

Combine our top selling gift sets with a Roches Gift Voucher to the value of your choice, €20, €50 or €100.

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When someone we know is facing a cancer diagnosis we can struggle to figure out how to support them, all the hugs, thoughtful messages and words are the best, but sometimes we want to give a little more. These gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. Jennifer Young skincare will ensure their skin is in the best condition throughout treatment when our skin can be at its most vulnerable. The Roches gift voucher allows your loved one to choose from a wide range of products and services, such as wigs, mastectomy wear, organic hair colour, scalp treatments, hair growth treatments, and safe oncology massages and facials. It’s the gift of choice and self-care, wrapped in one.

Imagine the smile on their face when they receive the gift that not only cares for their well-being but also gives them the power to choose what makes them feel their best.

Our Jennifer Young Skincare Kits are carefully crafted to provide comfort, care, and pampering for those undergoing cancer treatment. Each kit is designed with their unique needs in mind.

Choose from our top selling Jennifer Young Skincare Kits:

– Nail Care Kit: Nails can become super sensitive, brittle and ridged during cancer treatment. This gift set will help ease sensitivity and ensure the nails are in the best condition to help avoid infection.

– Hydration Heroes: Your essential hydrating products to help prevent the skin from becoming dry and dehydrated. It’s a great set, especially popular for those frequently going into the hospital and experiencing dry air-conditioned air for long periods.

– Body Care Kit: Looking after your body, nails, hands & lips. This kit contains the ever-popular “Itchy Skin Oil”, which is absolutely amazing. This oil instantly calms the skin, while providing hydration & moisturisation.

– Luxury Face Routine: This set has everything to need for ensuring the skin on your face does not become flaky, cracked, sore or irritated. It is the ultimate combination of all the essentials for glowing skin.



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