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Designed for hair prone to falling out due to Alopecia and medical treatment. The Densifying Remedy is a reinforcing and thickening treatment for the scalp and hair. This remedy encourages hair growth and promotes strength in weak hair.

Biodynamic Certified

Vegan Friendly

Cruelty Free

Size: 100ml



The Densifying Remedy by Oway is one of Roches most popular products. This wonder product by Oway has shown outstanding results for those suffering from types of alopecia, such as Alopecia Areata, and those whose hair is beginning to regrow after chemotherapy.

The active plant based ingredients in the Densifying Remedy, by Oway, stimulate microcirculatory activity and promote oxygenation in the scalp. In addition to Densiplant and Dynagen acting as a stimulant and providing strength, it also contains Ethical Mahogony, Biodynamic Mint and Ethical Teak for antiseptic, astringent, purifying and invigorating properties.

The Densifying Remedy, by Oway, can be used during different stages of hairloss; The invasive phase, prevention stage and the maintainance stage.

*This is a hair stimulating product and due to scalp sensitivity during medical treatment, it is not recommended to use this product during treatments such as chemotherapy and the use of a cold cap. Can be used after treatment when the scalp calms.*


  • During the invasive stage use the Densifying Remedy by Oway 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks
  • For prevention and hair maintenance use 1-2 times per week for 4 weeks
  • Apply the Densifying Remedy by Oway and rub in circles 3 times to the right and then to the left
  • Shake before use and apply to wet hair for best results

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