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Do you take more notice of people wearing turbans and scarves if they don’t have any hair showing? We have to admit we do. And when we wore headwear to cover our baldness, we also attracted those unwanted stares. A small and light fringe peeping out under your bandana or hat is just enough to stop those enquiring looks. We have a wide range of quality hair fringes to help you out.

Clients often laugh when we show them our hair fringes. As soon as they try them on, it’s an easy and instant decision to wear a fringe. They can make the difference between you feeling comfortable wearing headwear, and so you can expand your wardrobe options for both day and night.

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  • Maia Fringe | Aderans Quick View
    • Maia Fringe | Aderans Quick View
    • Maia Fringe | Aderans

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