Roches 12 Days of Christmas

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roches 12 days of christmas

Christmas Gift Suggestions for people with alopecia or cancer

Do you need help finding a thoughtful, and most importantly, a useful Christmas gift for your loved one? If so, look no further. Here at Roches we love giving, we give expert support and information to our clients on a daily basis. So now, we want to lend our expertise to you, the friends and families of our clients.

Also, we understand that Christmas is a fantastic time to treat yourself. We have included some special, guilt free ‘from me, to me’ gifts, just for you.

Whether you or your loved one is facing or recovering from surgery, experiencing hair loss, skin sensitivity, a lack of confidence or general frustration from being told what not to do, Roches have the ideal gift.

Roches 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas come with a free, silver organza gift bag. Gifts and wrapping sorted!

Roches First Day of Christmas

The Florence Hat is a wonderful gift idea and the colour is perfectly festive.
This piece from Masumi Headwear is specially designed for those experiencing hair loss, as it has no inner seams. Therefore, it will not irritate the scalp.
Made from a wool and acrylic blend, it is super cosy in chilly weather. But fear not, we know that some people suffer from the heat rather than the cold. The Florence hat is still a great option, as the beret style provides extra headspace allowing the scalp to breathe and remain cool.
This hat covers the entire hairline, so there is no need to worry about your scalp showing beneath.

Florence chic winter hat front

Roches Second Day of Christmas

Yes you can wear a strapless bra.

This one is for the ladies. We bet you have a glamorous top pushed to the back of the wardrobe, thinking it cannot be worn again following your breast surgery and/or mastectomy. Fear not, let us introduce you to the Barbara Strapless Mastectomy Bra.
Underwired and lined with silicone taping to ensure it will not budge. The Barbara bra has clear, detachable straps so you can wear it crisscross or halter neck as well as regular style. And, it securely holds a breast form, symmetry shaper or enhancer.
Invest in your body, treat yourself and restore your confidence this Christmas.

Roches Third Day of Christmas

The Connor Beanie Hat is a super comfortable gift option, for both men and women.

Made from the softest cotton with an inner fleece lining, it is perfect for those experiencing scalp sensitivity. And, the entire hairline is covered without adding pressure to the ears.

The cool, trendy style is really popular and cannot be beaten on comfort. Subtle colours of navy, grey and sunset will effortlessly fit into any wardrobe.

Connor is an all-rounder hat!

Roches Fourth day of Christmas

Have you heard of a “convertible bra”?

The Celine lingerie set oozes elegance and femininity. Its clever design is sure to boost your confidence while keeping you comfortable this Christmas.

The Celine mastectomy bra has two ribbons in the centre front, loosen the ribbon to pull out a beautiful lace camisole insert. Great for covering scars and adding a little extra coverage when wearing a low-cut top. Tighten the ribbon to find a deeper, standard neckline.

It is so versatile. We think everybody should have one.

Get Christmas ready with the Celine set in store today. Check out more from our mastectomy lingerie range. Love your body and restore your confidence.  

Roches Fifth Day of Christmas

A gift set idea sure to beat all others this Christmas.

This essential Synthetic Hair Care Set has an amazing shampoo, conditioner and balm. The set contains panthenol to care for and moisturise the hair. And, coconut extract for a glistening shine and natural perfume, for that freshly washed hair feel.

This set by Ellen Wille perfectly complements her Icone Straight Wig. Natural, elegant and simplistic, a sure confidence booster. 100% handmade with a monofilament cap, which appears almost invisible against the skin.

An amazingly comfortable light design that requires minimal styling. What is not to love?

Roches Sixth Day of Christmas

Let us show you the greatest secret Santa gift idea.

It reduces stress, lifts moods AND is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can really compromise the skin. Regular moisturisers used pre-treatment may not be doing enough anymore, and may cause irritation due to chemicals and perfumes – all those nasties!

The Defiant Beauty range available in Roches is carefully selected for cancer patients. This shea butter is raw and unrefined, to keep all the goodness. Formulated to lift your mood and reduce stress with essential oils, and rich in vitamins A & E to nurture the skin and protect from UV rays.

Roches Seventh Day of Christmas

Boost a loved one’s confidence and introduce a pep in their step.

You know those days where everything happens last minute, or you just have no motivation? Well, these small add on hairpieces are perfect for those days. Simply pop on a hat or turban and slip this small fringe underneath. It will immediately frame the face and make features pop. It is little things like these that can turn your day around, you’re sure to feel yourself and have lovely complements to boost your mood.

Treat a loved one to confidence and complements this Christmas.

Woman with no hair wearing a Maia Fringe detachable underneath a hat.

Roches Eight Day of Christmas

You can’t go wrong with this Christmas gift, as self-tan is among the top-rated year after year.

But what’s special about this one?

  • Free of parabens, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, fillers and GMO ingredients.
  • Won’t clog pores.
  • Dermatologist and allergy tested.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • No unpleasant odour.
  • Suitable for the face and body.

This self-tan is safe to use as it will not add chemicals to the body. While having treatment the skin can become dull, and make you look even more unwell. This self-tan is fantastic for combatting that look and regaining confidence with glowing skin – for all the right reasons.

Roches Ninth Day of Christmas

Here we have another firm favourite, confidence boosting gift idea.

Eyebrows, it has been fashionable to have them thin, thick, bushy and even tinted. Just goes to show they’ve always been on trend, in some way. But what happens when they stop growing and fall out? It can be a huge knock of confidence.

This Mineral Eyebrow Kit is a great option for creating natural, long lasting brows. As you would expect from Roches, it is clean from all nasty chemicals, dermatologist and allergy tested and is cruelty free. It has wax for hold, and mineral powder to create a beautiful brow shape. Brows are great for framing the face so you can reclaim your identity.

Small box eye brow kit for women losing eyebrow after chemo or alopecia.

Roches Tenth Day of Christmas

This Synthetic Hair Gel is essential for Christmas Nights Out or Zoom Parties with friends. It comes with a nifty spray nozzle to style synthetic wigs and hair systems. Set, scrunch or spike hair as desired with this excellent hold, quick drying formula. It is also packed with nourishing vitamins and proteins, so it will not cause damage to the hair.

Roches Eleventh Day of Christmas

Today we want you to treat yourself by letting Roches Restore your Confidence.

Did you know that Roches provide no-obligation, free consultations? These consultations are for men, women and children. We provide solutions for hair loss, breast care and skin care.

Our expert team have first-hand experience of what it is like to lose their hair and undergo breast surgery. So, when we say “we understand”, we genuinely do.

Let’s make 2021 our year.

Contact us today to book your free consultation.

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Roches Twelfth Day of Christmas

Need a last minute gift? A Roches Gift Card is an excellent, useful and thoughtful gift – even if it’s last minute.

A Roches Gift Card can be used against purchases on wigs, hair replacement systems, post-chemo hair colour and treatments, mastectomy wear, prosthesis, skincare, cosmetics… Can you see where we’re going here? There are lots of options, and all are important, necessities for many people.

You cannot go wrong with a Roches Gift Card for that loved one who needs it.

Order one straight to your email inbox.