Beauty Headwear Tips & Tricks

Our team at Roches Positive Appearance have shared some of their great advice with us.


Today’s blog includes expert beauty tips when it comes to headwear.


If you suffer from Alopecia or are going through Cancer treatment and you like to wear headwear, these are the tips you need to know:

  • The crown of the hat should never be narrower than your cheekbonesIbiza_Beere_1881
  • If you are petite, steer clear of wide brimmed hats that end outside the shoulder line
  • A flatter crown and wider brim looks great if you’re tall
  • Accessorizing with jewelry adds personality to your hat
  • Wrapping a scarf around your hat and layering is a great way to create height.
  • Place a shoulder pad at the crown of your head under your hat is another way of adding height
  • Once you find the shape you like, play around with it in different colours, patterns & fabrics
  • Adding a fringe piece under your hat is a great way of disguising hair loss by giving the impression of hair underneath.
  • If your favourite hat doesn’t have SPF in built into the fabric, we recommend using Jane Iredale Powder Me SPF
  • Throughout the day use the Jane Iredale Pommisst Spritz which contains pomegranate. This is a natural sun defense to enhance the Powder Me SPF. The spritz will also help cool you down and set your make up!

We hope you enjoyed our expert headwear tips. Discover which fabric you should wear on your head HERE.

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