Home & Hospital Wig Fitting
We can come to you

Book a hospital or home visit for a wig fitting: when patients cannot come to our Salon in Kimmage, we can fit them in Hospital or at Home. In order to do a good fitting off site, we require photos of the patients hair and a good description of their hair. Patients can fill in this Patient outcall form which can be emailed back to us and we will call the patient directly ourselves and arrange a suitable time to visit and do a proper wig fitting.

Download the patient outcall form here >>


Although we have over a 1000 wigs in stock at all times, sometimes we may need to order a special or custom made piece. To minimize patient stress, earlier is always better for us to see your patients. 

We can also advice them on some eyebrow options which can only be done prior to treatment starting.  

Under €300: Our affordable range are made from quality Japanes hair fibre with machine wefted bases.

€300-€500: High quality Japanese fibre wigs on a range of bases from machine wefted to hand tied, lace and monofilament. The base construction of the wig and the fibre quality is what determines price difference along with length of hair.

€650-€950: Heat Resistant Fibre: Our favourites: The best of fibre hair and human hair rolled into one beautiful low maintenance wig that behaves and looks like human hair but has a style memory so will bounce back into place when washed. Price includes cutting.

€750-€1500: Human hair with different bases and lengths. Prices include cutting and styling. These wigs look great but do require maintenance

It is important to feel comfortable and confident when wearing a wig or mastectomy wear. While we help with this, you can’t beat a friend or spouse commenting that the patient looks exactly like themselves.

We start by bringing the patient and their friends/family to our private fitting rooms
where we welcome and settle them in. First thing its to find out is when their
treatment is starting and what they are looking for.  Most cancer patients
want to look like themselves so while they are describing their hair and what
they do with it, we are also taking a good look at their hair too. 

We select wigs based on what they have told us during the consultation. Then we talk them
through the pros and cons of each wig in terms of hair type and cap
construction but really the wig they feel and look most comfortable usually
presents itself.  We narrow down options and spend as much time as needed
till the patient is sure. It is quite an interactive process.

When the wig is selected :

We cut and style it if necessary and explain both how put the wig
on correctly and how to care for the wig. 

We also discuss options for bed and give some advice on eyebrows. Once the wig is selected,
we often discuss what they will do when the hair starts falling and we offer to
cut or shave them free of charge. Many take us up on this offer, while others
have already made arrangements.  

It is a very interactive session and we try to answer any questions and allay their fears.