Home & Hospital Appointments
We can come to you

Oftentimes during medical treatment you may be feeling unwell and physically unable to come to our store in Kimmage. In these situations we can visit you in the hospital or at your home*.

In order to do a good fitting off site, we require some photos of the hair and a good description of the hair. Without these photos and descriptions, we will not be able to pack our bags with appropriate styles, colours and densities to match your natural style.

To book an outcall please fill in the form below. We will then be in touch to obtain the required photographs, and descriptions and to schedule your appointment.

*Hospital & home visits within a reasonable distance of our store in Kimmage.

Hospital or Home Visit Booking Form


Sooner is always better.

If you are experiencing alopecia or due to lose your hair due to chemotherapy we always advise to come in to us as early as possible. The reason for this is because we want to see your hair style, colour and density before it falls. This will allow us to find the best match to your natural style. 

However, if your hair has already thinned of completely fallen do not worry. A couple of photographs will help guide us in the direction of your needs.

Additionally, although we have over 1000 wigs in stock at all times, sometimes we may need to order a special or custom made piece. For this reason and to minimise stress, earlier is always better for your appointment.

In short, you should visit us before your surgery and then 6 weeks after surgery, at the earliest. 

Before surgery:

Before surgery you will need to prepare for your recovery. We recommend 2-3 soft, comfortable post surgery bras to allow enough time for washing, a soft temoporary prosthesis and a drain pouch. Our post surgery bras are front opening which makes it super easy for your doctor to check your wounds, access drains and above all get dressed easily.

Depending on your surgery type, you may be instructed by your doctor to get specialised compression bras. Sometimes your hospital will supply one which will be put on at the end of your surgery. However, given the importance of this garment you may need a second one to allow for washing as you cannot go without for long periods of time. 

After Surgery:

We advise waiting at least 6 weeks after surgery before being fitted for your permanent prosthesis and mastectomy bras. This allows enough time for your scars to have healed and swelling to be gone away.

Don’t forget, every woman who has breast surgery due to cancer treatment is entitled to an allowance towards their first posthesis and mastectomy bras – regardless of health cover. 

You may be entitled to claim for funding towards your wig/hairpiece and breast care products, on a yearly basis. Grants and allowances are available through the HSE Medical Card and through PRSI contributions.

Wig grants: HSE Medical Card & PRSI Hair Replacement Benefit

Breast Care Allowances: HSE Medical Card

Read more information about the HSE Medical Card Allowance here

Read more information about the PRSI Hair Replacement Benefit here

Don’t forget, oftentimes you can claim back from your Private Health Insurance for your wig/hair piece and mastectomy wear. More Health Insurance information is available here.

Under €300: Our affordable range is made from quality Synthetic Hair with machine wefted bases.

€300-€800: High quality Synthetic Hair wigs on a range of bases from machine wefted to hand tied, lace and monofilament. The base construction of the wig and the fibre quality are what determine the price difference along with the length of the hair.

€350-€1300: Heat Resistant Synthetic, our favourite, and Blended Hair. Heat Resistant Synthetic makes a beautiful natural looking wig that can be curled, straightened and heat styled; what’s better it has style memory so will bounce back into shape after washing. Blended Hair is a mix of Human Hair and Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair, it requires a little more maintenance as it contains human hair, but truly looks & feels fantastic.

€950-€3500: Human Hair with different bases and lengths.  These wigs look great but do require maintenance.

Yes, it is important to feel comfortable and confident when wearing your new wig/hair piece or mastectomy wear. While we help to advise you we always advise bringing a trusted friend with you, after all you can’t beat the comfort, support and advice from a friend or spouse.

Due to room space we recommend bringing no more than 2 people with you.

You will check in at reception, confirming some details and establish if you might like to claim via your HSE Medical Card, PRSI or Private Health Insurance after/if you choose a product. There is no obligation, it will make no difference to your product choices and if you decide not to purchase anything that is fine, we don’t apply until you’ve decided.

We will then bring you and your friends to our private consultation rooms. We’ll chat through your likes, thoughts and wants, assess your hair or surgery area and then show you some options to choose from.

We will talk you through the pros and cons of each option; for wigs we’ll explain the hair type, cap construction, care and fitting; for mastectomy wear we’ll explain fitting, washing and care. We narrow down options and spend as much time as needed until you are sure about your choice. It is quite an interactive process.

For hair loss consultations, we also offer free cutting or shaving once the hair begins to fall. The choice is completely yours; you do not have to cut or shave your hair if you don’t want to.

We can also discuss hats, headwear, eyebrows, scalp care and skin care options.

If your wig isn’t exactly ‘you’ – Maybe your wig needs some layers or a fringe before it replicates your natural style. That is no problem, we will cut and style it so it is perfect and just how you would have worn your natural hair.