Private Health Insurer Allowances
Hair Loss & Breast Care

Making a Claim for Reimbursement from an Insurance Provider 

Before your consultation with Roches, we recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify what cover you have, and what paperwork they require you to submit for reimbursement, following your purchase.

If you need assistance, please contact us.

In general, all insurance companies cover from 50%-100% of all cancer-related purchases in our store. However, your policy and policy excess can vary.

Some links that may help you to find your policy details:

How it Works

Following your in-store or online consultation at Roches, you simply pay us directly for the items you have purchased. Then we give you a receipt confirming this purchase. You will need to submit this, along with any other documentation your insurer may need to process your claim, e.g., a medical prescription. (Your insurance company will inform you exactly what they need from you).

Following your claim, insurance companies may contact us to confirm the authenticity of our invoice.

We are delighted to confirm all such purchases and provide any back-up documentation requested.

Assuming your claim is successfully processed, your insurance company will reimburse you directly

We recommend you keep copies of all documentation

If you are an Irish customer we recommend you to check “Medical Card Allowances – Hair Loss & Breast Care“.

Overseas Customers

Please check with your private insurance company (or your local government health office) to confirm any allowances or reimbursements from Roches, based in Ireland.

We are a registered company and a recognised medical supplies provider. We are very happy to assist you or your insurance provider, or any other third party, to process your request for an allowance or a claim.