We don’t ever let a person go without a wig or prosthesis due to finance or HSE delays. There is always a way. Below are a few of our options …

We give out hair loss and mastectomy products once patients have a valid medical card. We do not require patients to wait the 2-9 months untill the HSE pay us.

Payment plans: we are happy to offer payment plans over a 6 month period to private patients or those medical card holders paying a balance.

We offer discounts for those struggling financially and do our best to source less expensive options for them.
We link in with the Marie Keating Comfort Fund, Various Hospital Social Work Departments, Irish Cancer Society, local Cancer Support Groups and The Little Princess Trust for children. We also have our very own Hardship Fund at Roches to support those struggling financially.

We regularly advocate to the HSE offices on behalf of individual patients and in general

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