We recommend that all patients who may experience hair loss or thinning come for a consultation. The consultation allays patients fears about hair loss and they feel secure and relieved  knowing that there are many great options available for them should their hair go.

  • Hair Pieces can be attached over very fine or thinning hair with a hair band or gate clips (or double sided tape depending on extent of hair loss). The piece sits on the head and is not tight or warm, but does conceal limp hair or roots showing through coloured hair.  It gives the person a perfect outer cover of hair while allowing them to use the ends of their existing hair
  • For diffuse thinning hair, a sprinkle of hair fibers or camouflage cream colours the scalp the colour of the patient’s hair. This not only camouflages the colour of the scalp showing through but also creates the illusion of thicker hair. 
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