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Polyheads are great for styling and storing your wigs and hairpieces. When styling or washing, you can easily pin your hairpiece to the polyhead ensuring it will not budge, nor will it damage your piece. They are lightweight and durable with no assembly required.


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If you are a regular wig or hairpiece wearer you need to have a polyhead. These polyheads are ideal for placing your wig on every night before bed, it will keep the cap in shape while reducing the chance of your hair becoming tangled and untidy.

Pinning your wig or hairpiece to a polyhead before washing it can make the process much easier. When washing your piece it can sometimes feel like you need an extra pair of hands, but using a polyhead allows both your hands to be free. It also makes it much easier to keep the water flowing from root to tip, avoiding the chance of tangling the hair.

Polyheads can be placed on a clamp when styling, this will allow you to blowdry and brush your wig or hairpiece without needing to hold onto it. The polyhead has a hole in the base where you can insert the clamp.


  • Pin your wig or hairpiece to the polyhead to keep it in place
  • Place your piece on the polyhead whenever you’re not wearing it
  • Use it when styling your hairpiece
  • It is perfect for travelling as it is lightweight and durable
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