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Silicone scar patches are ideal for the treatment of reddened and raised scars. They help to reduce the visibility of the scar and improve the texture of the scar tissue

These reusable scar patches are designed for use post mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast conserving surgery or breast reconstruction.

This scar patch is an anchor shape, designed specifically for use over the nipple area.

Begin use once scabbing has cleared and the scar is closed.


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Gold star scar treatment consists of a combination of these silicone scar patches and compression bands/garments, together they provide premier scar therapy significantly reducing scarring. Scar patches nurture and protect the skin as it heals, they trap moisture which prevents scars from becoming dry, tight and itchy.  If applied early in the treatment phase, it can act as a prophylactic to minimize the risk of excessive scarring.

Perfect for use after mastectomy, lumpectomy or any surgical procedures for cancer treatments.

Amoena’s scar patches can be reused multiple times, simply wash, air dry and reapply.

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